Youth Trips


Rev. Chris Henry will be the preacher for two weeks in early June at the Montreat Youth Conference in North Carolina. We thought it would be exciting to try something new and special by inviting this year's confirmation class to be a part of the Montreat Youth Conference. For more information about Montreat, visit this website - https://montreat.org/events/myc-22
Dates: June 5-11
Cost: $400 (Scholarships are available.)


Please join us for a week of service, learning, fun, and growth in Cincinnati, OH! We will be staying at Knox Church and partnering with various organizations throughout the week. Cost $150 (Scholarships are available).

Middle School Summer Service Trip Dates: July 16-19 

High School Summer Service Trip Dates: July 19-23   

Footsteps of Faith
High School Seniors

Footsteps of Faith
High School Seniors

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    Retreats & Service Trips Overview
    Forms and Information

    Below is a brief list of our annual trips and retreats. Friends are always welcome.

    • Footsteps of Faith - June - Greece and Italy - High school graduates traveling in the footsteps of the Apostle Paul and the early church. Follow their upcoming adventures and past trips here.
    • Middle School Service Trip - July 
    • High School Service Trip - July  
    • Youth Ministries Fall Retreat - November - Pyoca Camp and Conference Center - Brownstown, IN - 6th-12th grades. A retreat for everyone with activities and curriculum for each grade. Plan on joining us to get away from the busyness of the everyday and take time with friends for fellowship and faith exploration.
    • Middle School Great Wolf Lodge Getaway - President's Weekend - Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, OH. 
    • High School Winter Retreat - President's Weekend - Jameson Camp in Indianapolis, IN. 

    If you haven't done so, please fill out the online release and release form.

    Scholarships are available for many of these activities. Please contact Tom Markey or Tyler Wolfcale for information on these available funds.

    Our summer trip philosophy can be found here.