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Second Presbyterian Church cares for one another. Our care is part of our DNA, created in the image of a loving and compassionate God – and it’s an enormous part of how we live as the body of Christ together.

Visits to hospitals and long-term care facilities – specially made and gifted prayer shawls and flower arrangements – offering a listening ear and heartfelt prayers – reaching out to those who have lost a loved one – delivering poinsettias at Christmas-time and lilies before Easter…Our pastors, Deacons, and members care for one another in a multitude of ways, seen and unseen.

Do you have a need for prayer or support? Would you like to help offer care to others? Please contact Ashley Elskus, Coordinator of Pastoral Care, for more information at AMcNamara@SecondChurch.org, or (317) 726-5413.


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    Rev. Madison VanVeelen
    Associate Pastor of Care 
    (317) 253-6461

    Associate Pastor of Care

    (317) 253-6461 | MVanVeelen@SecondChurch.org

    Madison has been serving in ordained ministry for seven years. She graduated from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity degree, after which time she served as a Lake Fellow in Parish Ministry here at Second Presbyterian Church. Upon completing the Lake Fellow program, Madison was called to serve as the Pastor of Clayton Presbyterian Church in Clayton, IN, a 50-member congregation in rural Hendricks County. In this setting, Madison enjoyed preaching every Sunday, providing care to members of all ages, and learning about the rhythms of life and faith in an agricultural community.

    Madison’s call at Clayton Pres. was half-time, and a few months into her ministry there she was able to return to Second as the Coordinator of Northside Mission Ministry in a part-time capacity. What followed was a formative two years of meaningful ministry, during which time Madison’s family grew and God’s call continued to evolve. In September of 2018, Madison joined Second’s staff full-time as the Coordinator of Pastoral Care. Madison is grateful for the surprising and joyful ways that the Holy Spirit has weaved her story together with Second’s over the last seven years.

    Madison graduated from Florida State University with a dual degree in International Affairs and English Literature. Following graduation, she served as a PC(USA) Young Adult Volunteer for one year in Kerala, India, where she taught English in an elementary school setting and was immersed in the life of the Church of South India (CSI). Mentors in Kerala and in Madison’s hometown, Ocala, FL, encouraged her growing interest in theological education and her sense of call to ministry. Nearly ten years after saying ‘yes’ to God’s call, Madison is deeply grateful to serve in this vocation that, for her, is fundamentally about cultivating relationship with God and others with openness, joy, and curiosity. She has a deep belief in God’s presence with us at all times, and considers it grace from God that we are able to be the body of Christ for one another.

    Madison is married to Eric, a first grade teacher at the IPS/Butler Lab School #60. They met as students at Louisville Seminary and were married in 2015. They have two children, Prose (4) and Ellison (2), and a disagreeable, yappy Schnauzer/terrier mix. Eric is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Educational Administration at Butler University. He is an advocate for racial justice and equity in the school setting and in other areas of his life, and enjoys creative pursuits like theater and writing. Prose and Ellison are at any given time likely to be found outside riding their scooters or bikes, or inside drawing, having tea parties, or getting into things they shouldn’t. Madison enjoys spending time outside with Prose and Ellison, appreciating God’s big, beautiful world through travel, trying her hand at various projects in the yard, and reading – and she has also been known to get trapped in a series or two on Netflix.

    The VanVeelens are thrilled to continue growing in faith and relationship with the saints of Second Presbyterian Church!

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    Ashley McNamara
    Coordinator of Pastoral Care & Funerals
    (317) 726-5413

    Coordinator of Pastoral Care & Funerals

    (317) 726-5413 | AMcNamara@SecondChurch.org