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Serve At Our Church

Give of your time and talents at Second Presbyterian! Volunteers are needed on Sundays and throughout the week. 

Volunteer to work with children at Second
Opportunities to work with all age levels - from nursery to 5th grade.

Volunteer to work with children at Second

Share your love of Christ with children! You can help with Vacation Bible School, Sunday School or Children's Choir.

Volunteer Process

Sunday School Volunteer Recruitment 
Opportunities exist in church school classes during the 8:15, 9:30 and 11:00 services.  We are currently recruiting volunteers for all age-levels - from nursery to 5th grade!

Job Descriptions

  • commits to one year of service (August - July)
  • commits to volunteering 2 Sundays each month
  • created a team environment by recruiting church school teachers and shepherds for the year; shows appreciation for volunteers
  • assists in coordination of volunteer scheduling
  • attends the semi-annual training events in August and January


  • commits to one year of service (August - July)
  • commits to volunteering 2 Sundays each month
  • loves God's Word
  • welcomes children & shares the story
  • attends the semi-annual training events in August and January


  • commits to one year of service (August - July)
  • commits to volunteering 2 Sundays each month
  • knows each child, engages parents
  • prays for children
  • assists the classroom teacher
  • attends the semi-annual training events in August and January

Family Greeter

  • commits to one year of service (August - July)
  • greets and assists families at the check-in kiosks
  • welcomes visitors and assists with introductions to teachers and classrooms

To find out how you might share your gifts and live into your baptismal promise, please contact Rev. Caroline Dennis.

Hospitality Team
Greeters, Receptionists, Ushers & Drivers

Hospitality Team

If you would like to joint the hospitality team in any of the below roles or one of our many other opportunities please contact: Jim Riley

Second@Six Usher

If you would like to serve communion or serve as an usher at the Second@Six worship service, please contact Megan Marquardt,  We currently have several volunteers who serve on a regular basis but we are still looking for additional servers and ushers.
The ushers' responsibility is to greet attendees and distribute bulletins. They meet each Sunday in the Narthex at 5:30 pm.

Golf Cart Driver

Volunteers drive golf carts on Sunday morning to assist visitors and members in getting to the church building.

Contact Karen Reynard at

After Hours Greeter

Join our team at the Front Desk. It's a wonderful time of meeting new friends and greeting old ones. Volunteers are needed to sit at the front desk during the evenings and direct people to all of the various activities from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

You only need to commit to one shift a month. Please contact Karen Reynard at for more information.

Weekend Receptionist

We need volunteers to sit at the front desk and answer phones on Saturday mornings from 9:00 a.m. to noon. Or, if Sunday mornings fit your schedule better, we have two shifts: 9:15 to 10:45 or 10:45 to 12:15 p.m. You only need to commit to one shift per month.
Please contact Sherri McMonigle ( for more information.

Multimedia Team
Photography, Design, Video, Audio-Visual

Multimedia Team

Second Presbyterian Church tries to capture (audio and video) as many events as possible for distribution on this website and other media. Oftentimes, the audio/visual staff members cannot cover all of the requests and is in need of volunteers. This involves many different areas, including worship services, christian education classes, meetings and more.

The main needs are usually during worship services and large music events. If you have an interest in this type of volunteering, we strongly encourage you to volunteer. We currently have a pressing need for team leaders at the 9:30 services.

Contact Jamison Coler at the church for more information. He can be reached at 317-253-6461, or

Northside Mission Ministries
Food Pantry, Community Garden, Utilities and Rent Assistance and Partnership with Greenbriar Elementary School

Northside Mission Ministries

Northside Mission Ministry envisions holistic enduring change that liberates individuals, rebuilds families, and revitalizes the community in order to break the cycle of poverty in Washington Township. By following Christ’s example, Northside Mission Ministry seeks to care for the poor and those experiencing hardship in Washington Township by building relationships with them to develop food security, to work toward economic stability, and to participate fully in the life of the community.

This mission and vision is carried out by four main initiatives that are housed under the Northside umbrella. These programs have experienced incredible growth in recent years: growth in needs, growth in relationships, growth in compassion, and growth in impact!
The Northside Food Pantry is located on the northeast end of the church building. From inside, walk down the hallway past the library. The hallway will dead end into the food pantry. From outside, enter the building through the covered entrance on the northeast corner. Once inside, turn right through the double doors.
The Northside Food Pantry began with the vision of a small group of church members. It has evolved throughout the years from a closet that handed out a few food staples to the current grocery store-like environment that it is today. Not only has the pantry expanded and grown, it has streamlined its policies and procedures and drastically reduced the cost of providing food for each household. An average of 532 households visited the pantry each month in 2016.
The Northside Community Garden has transformed from six raised beds to the cultivation of a large tilled portion of land. The garden’s growth has been the direct result of a small group of committed volunteers, as well as guidance from groups like the Indy Urban Acres Farm. For a period of time, the garden did not have a locally available water source. When there was little rainfall, volunteers would water the plants with water they physically carried to the garden in gallon jugs! The garden has come a long way from raised beds without a water source. Wood structures including the garden shed were built by two SAWs volunteers. Production has gone up from 300 pounds of produce in 2014 to around 1000 pounds in 2015 to nearly 1,100 pounds in 2016. The garden is not only productive – it is beautiful, featuring flower beds, a seating area, and a prayer garden. The garden is currently managed by Jeff Reese.
Northside’s partnership with Greenbriar Elementary School began about five years ago and has been largely organized by Jan Millholland. In the years since, Northside’s relationship with Greenbriar has been a process of learning what the needs are and how we can best offer support. Northside works collaboratively with Presbyterian Women and other friends of Greenbriar to provide volunteer support for classrooms and school events, snacks for afterschool tutoring, Teacher Appreciation events, and the donation of school supplies and other specially requested items.
The Utility and Rent Assistance Program (URAP) is currently the only dedicated assistance program of its kind in Washington Township. Since its inception, URAP has sought to have a positive impact on families by offering financial intervention in a moment of need. In these ‘gap’ situations, a little assistance goes a long way, often preventing a family from losing their housing or having their power shut off. As URAP has evolved, we have increasingly partnered with the Washington Township Trustee and the Metropolitan School District of Washington Township in order to work with integrity and efficiency.
Thank you to all of our dedicated volunteers and supporters of Northside Mission Ministry.
Thousands of our Washington Township neighbors have benefited from these programs because
of you!

Hunger Ministry Team

Hunger Ministry Team

The goal of this team is to bring awareness to the issue of hunger and work to eliminate it in our neighborhood, state, country, and world. 

Bread for the World/Offering of Letters
Bread for the World is a collective Christian voice urging our nation's decision makers to end hunger at home and abroad. Each year the Hunger Team encourages church member participation in the Offering of Letters, an opportunity for our members to be advocates to our governmental leaders on behalf of our neighbors, local and global, who are food insecure.

Souper Bowl of Caring
Part of a grass-roots national hunger awareness program, each January and February the Hunger Team hosts a church-wide Souper Bowl of Caring fundraiser and food collection drive to support the Northside Food Pantry and the Westminster Food Pantry.


Crop Walk
Sponsored by the Church World Service, the annual CROP Hunger Walk in October in the Butler-Tarkington neighborhood raises awareness and money for hunger relief on a local, national and worldwide scale. The Hunger Team recruits walkers who solicit individual support for participating in the walk. 

Donate or Join Our Team

Ongoing Food Collection
Our church continually collects non-perishable food and various sundries. The collected items are divided between the Northside and Westminster food pantries. Food collection baskets are located in the atrium next to the church offices. Volunteers are needed to sort donations and deliver food to Westminster.


Interfaith Hospitality Network

Interfaith Hospitality Network

Consider the term, “HOMELESS.” We have all had hard times but have you ever wondered where you would sleep tonight…where your children would sleep tonight…where the food to fill their stomachs would come from? 

In this land of plenty, “Homeless” doesn’t just mean “no house or apartment” it means no “HOME,” nowhere that provides security, roots, comfort, or a solid foundation. Many homeless families face a daily struggle to survive that creates feelings of helplessness, anxiety, suffocation and desperation. Second Presbyterian is among more than 25 congregations and synagogues who partner with the Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) to provide meals and a place to spend the night for up to four homeless families. IHN Day Center’s staff helps families find long term solutions: permanent housing, employment, educational opportunities and other resources to regain their independence. The IHN receives referrals from individuals, community resources, and the 211 Connect 2 Help line which provides human service resources.

We are beginning our fifth year of commitment to helping homeless families in our community by providing a safe and comfortable bedroom for families of two to eight, breakfast and a nutritious dinner, activities/recreation for children of all ages, and transportation to and from The Day Center where adults receive case manager services to be able to secure meaningful employment and then safe and affordable permanent housing. This is an opportunity for each of us to welcome the stranger and show the Love of Christ.

All of this doesn't happen though without many volunteers during the week who give generously of their time whether preparing a meal, playing with children, driving the van, or spending the night. Join Second's efforts to brighten the lives and lighten the load of families who struggle each day to keep going forward. 

Learn more:

Call or e-mail Dianne Berry at (317) 848-5715 to volunteer or click the Sign-Up Genius logo above to volunteer.

Christmas Benevolence
Frequently Asked Questions

Christmas Benevolence FAQs

Christmas Benevolence 
Living Our Faith

Frequently Asked Questions

I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you clothed me…Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me. (Mark 25:35-36, 40)

What is Christmas Benevolence and what is its mission?
Christmas Benevolence is one of the oldest mission traditions of Second Church. It is a church-wide project sponsored by the Deacons. Christmas Benevolence carries the Good News in the form of practical help to families in our community in need of assistance. It provides Bibles, food, clothing, personal items and gifts. It brings Christian love, encouragement and support to people identified by social service agencies.

When and how did it begin?
Christmas Benevolence started over 35 years ago when three women of Second Presbyterian Church who, during a particularly brutal winter, heard about some inner-city children who were not able to go to school because they didn’t have any warm clothing. The three women collected coats, hats, mittens, scarves, and boots for those youngsters. They also gave each child a wrapped present – a toy or a book or other non-essential – because they believed everyone should receive a special gift at Christmastime. They had no idea that their simple idea would become what we know today as Christmas Benevolence.

How many families and people are impacted?
In 2016, the church plans to serve and impact approximately 700 individuals in 144 families. That is a 15 percent increase over 2015. There are also plans this year to improve the way the church serves those families with more food, clothing and personal items.

Christmas Benevolence also impacts those who serve. It gives members of our congregation an opportunity for living their faith and seeing firsthand the impact it has on our neighbors. Delivery day and clothe shopping brings those who want to live their faith in direct contact with our neighbors in need.

How are the families selected?
Social workers are given criteria for whom to select, primarily families with children and with financial and physical needs are chosen.

How can people participate?
People can volunteer their time during the month of December and/or provide financial support. Both online giving and volunteer opportunities can be found at the following links: and Members can also sign up in-person in McFarland Hall on Sunday mornings through December 4th.

How many volunteers are needed?
In 2016, organizers project there will be approximately 800 volunteer slots available throughout the month of December. We have set an inspiring new goal of attracting over 50 first-time volunteers in 2016. Some volunteer opportunities, like delivery day drivers, allow entire families to sign up and serve together.

What do volunteers do?
With approximately 800 volunteer slots, there is literally a volunteer opportunity for everyone. Although some volunteer opportunities require some heavy lifting and physical endurance; many entail general set up, organizing food/clothing items, wrapping gifts, and working directly with families.

  • Box Transfer – Help move boxes from the storage shed into the multi-purpose room on set-up day
  • Clothing Set-up – Help set up the multi-purpose room to resemble a used clothing store
  • Clothing Selection – Work one-on-one with client families to help select outfits from racks and tables of used clothing in the multi-purpose room. Knowledge of Spanish helpful on Saturday the 12th
  • Wrapping – Wrap new gifts, clothe-a-child items and other clothing items
  • Box Packing – Move items from clothing selection and wrapping areas and pack boxes
  • Food Selection Shopper – Select food for families using pre-printed lists in the multi-purpose room “grocery store”. Great for families!
  • Food Selection Bagger – Bag groceries and organize by family in the multi-purpose “grocery store”
  • Food Selection Transporter – Transport bags of groceries from multi-purpose room “grocery store” to various designated areas
  • Food Selection Box Breaker – Help keep all items on display in the multi-purpose room “grocery store” and break down boxes
  • Christmas Card Artists – The children of Second make a Christmas card for every family we serve
  • Delivery Day Drivers – Drive a carload of boxes and bags to a family’s home and interact as you present the items for their Christmas. Great for families!
  • Delivery Day Loaders – Help load cars with boxes and bags

When and how do I sign up for volunteering?
Beginning on Sunday November 6 thru December 4, the Christmas Benevolence volunteer display will be set up in McFarland Hall between 9:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Deacons will be available to answer your questions and help you register as a volunteer. In addition, we will also be reaching out to those attending the Families@Five and Second@Six worship services.

You can learn more at where you will find a helpful link to Sign-Up Genius, the church’s online volunteer sign-up portal. You can also sign up sign up in person in McFarland Hall on Sunday mornings in November through December 4th.

What can I expect when I volunteer?
Those who have volunteered and served throughout the years have received in return the joy of knowing that they have been, for a little while, the hands and feet of Christ.

Volunteering is fun for individuals and families! You will meet an army of engaged, friendly and faithful people of all ages. Children can help with their parents and make Christmas cards. Teens can also help with many of the activities.

Volunteering will impact your life and your family. There are hundreds of personal stories from people just like you who “light up” or get very reflective when sharing about their positive experiences.

What is the schedule of volunteer opportunities?

Here is the schedule for 2016:

Saturday, December 3
Set Up Day and Box Moving
Multi-Purpose Room 9:00 a.m.
Pizza Lunch 11:30 a.m.

Sunday, December 4
New gifts & Clothe-A-Child items are due

Monday, December 5
Clothing Selection in Multi-Purpose Room 1-4 pm and 6-8:30 pm
Gift Wrapping in Common Room 1-4 pm and 6-8:30 pm
New Clothing in PW Room (230) 1-4 pm and 6-8:30 pm
Box Packing in Mission Suite 1-4 pm and 6-8:30 pm
Child Care by Appointment

Tuesday, December 6
Clothing Selection in Multi-Purpose Room 9 am-12 noon and 1 pm-4 pm
Gift Wrapping in Common Room 9 am-12 noon
New Clothing in PW Room (230) 9 am-12 noon and 1 pm-4 pm
Box Packing in Mission Suite 9 am-12 noon and 1 pm-4 pm
Lunch 12 noon
Child Care by Appointment

Wednesday, December 7
Clothing Selection in Multi-Purpose Room 1-4 pm and 6-8:30 pm
Gift Wrapping in Common Room 1-4 pm and 6-8:30 pm
New Clothing in PW Room (230) 1-4 pm and 6-8:30 pm
Box Packing in Mission Suite 1-4 pm and 6-8:30 pm
Child care by appointment

Thursday, December 8
Clothing Selection in Multi-Purpose Room 6-8:30 pm
New Clothing in PW Room (230) 6-8:30 pm
Box Packing in Mission Suite 6-8:30 pm
Child care by appointment

Friday, December 9
Clothing Selection in Multi-Purpose Room 9 am-12 noon, 1 pm-4 pm, 6-8:30 pm
Gift Wrapping in Common Room 9 am-12 noon
New Clothing in PW Room (230) 9 am-12 noon and 1 pm-4 pm
Box Packing in Mission Suite 9 am-12 noon, 1 pm-4 pm, 6-8:30 pm
Child care by appointment
Lunch at Noon

Saturday, December 10
Clothing Selection 9:00 am – Noon, Noon – 2:30 pm
Box Packing in Mission Suite 9:00 am – Noon, Noon – 2:30 pm
New Clothing in PW Room (230) 9:00 am – Noon, Noon – 2:30 pm
Child care by appointment
Kids Party Lunch 11:30 – 1:00

Sunday, December 11
Ham Drop-Off before each service

Monday, December 12
Pack up Multi-Purpose Room 9 am-noon
New Clothing PW Room (230) 9 am-noon
Set Up Multi-Purpose Room for Food Delivery 7-8 pm

Tuesday, December 13
New Clothing in PW Room (203) 9 am-noon
Gift Wrapping I Common Room 9 am-noon
Food Unloading and Set Up 9 am-noon, noon-3 pm
Lunch at noon

Wednesday, December 14
Food Selection 6-8:30 pm
Child Care by appointment
Supper at 5 pm

Thursday, December 15
Food Selection 6-8:30 pm
Child care by appointment
Supper at 5 pm

Friday, December 16
CB deacons complete boxing tasks
Help set up for Delivery Day

Saturday, December 17: DELIVERY DAY
Unload freezer 6:30 am
Coordinators’ meeting at 8 am
Deliveries 9 – 11 am
Chili/Hot Dog Lunch 11 am – 1 pm

What is the goal for financial support in 2016?
Christmas Benevolence’s annual fundraising goal is $62,000. This outstanding annual fundraising tradition directly pays for food, clothing, coats, bedding, and other project supplies. It maintains the excellence and impact of Christmas Benevolence. Without financial support from the members of Second Presbyterian Church, Christmas Benevolence can’t exist.

What are “tags” and what do I do with them?
Tags represent gift items that can be purchased for our Christmas Benevolence families by members of the congregation. The gifts range from clothing to toys to kitchen items to hams. The tags are available at the sign-up table in McFarland Hall. Each tag represents one gift item and includes specific instructions that will guide the shopping process. For example, the tag might say something such as a “toy for a 5 year old boy” or “a size 6 pair of pants for a young girl.” When you take a tag, you will purchase the item and return it to the church unwrapped. The gift will later be wrapped by members of the church. The tags and the purchased gift should be returned to the church by Sunday December 4.

Is childcare available for volunteers?
Yes, parents must register their child at the church's web page at

What do I call the individuals and families that we help?
They are our neighbors and friends. Someday they may help us, just as you have helped them. Internally, we refer to them as Christmas Benevolence families.

How can I stay up-to-date about the latest Christmas Benevolence news and happenings?

How to use SignUpGenius

How to use SignUpGenius

Please set up an account on SignUpGenius to participate in serving opportunities. Here's how:

1. Visit and select “Login/Join.”  

2. Enter your name, email address and password. Then select “Register Now.”  

3. The next screen shows Sign Ups you have joined, been invited to or created.  

4. If your Sign Up is not on the list, follow the link from an e-mail or the Second website.  

5. The Sign Up includes a description of the service opportunity.  

6. Scroll down to the list of opportunities and select “Sign Up” for the one you want.  

7. Enter your name and contact information. Select “Sign Up Now.”  

8. That’s it! You can easily add this event to your calendar.  

9. Next time you login, this Sign Up will appear in the list on your account screen.  

10. Click on the Sign Up if you need to edit, swap or delete your commitment.​

Find opportunities here.