Update from Rev. Chris Henry - October 30, 2020

Dear Second Family,

On Friday mornings, my spiritual practice is to intentionally seek stillness and quiet, to find Sabbath rest in God’s presence, to listen and pray. Perhaps like you, on this particular Friday I find myself prayerful for our country, for the election season already in full swing, for the work of faith that calls to us as followers of Jesus Christ in a divided and contentious time.

In my quiet today, I’m reflecting on God’s providential grace and sovereign justice. Our faith is rooted in the hope of God’s unshakable promise. I’m also reflecting on our clear call, as people of faith who belong to one another, to live God’s love in all we say and do. As a community of faith, we have a God-given call to walk the journey together, as was so beautifully expressed in the video testimonials shared during worship this month. The mission of the church of Jesus Christ, and this church called Second Presbyterian Church, persists in every season and in each pivotal moment. We are here to embody the values and practices that shape us more fully into an image of God’s will for all creation.

To affirm our faith and respond to this call, we invite you to turn with us to God in prayer for peace, compassion, and healing – for our nation, our world, and one another throughout next week. We invite you to walk through these days – all days – as a community centered in Christ. I invite you to visit SecondChurch.org/Events for details.

• On Monday, we will hold three prayer services in our sanctuary – the pastoral staff of Second will lead us in prayer and reflection. Registration is required and you may do so here.

• On Tuesday, we will provide a collection of prayer videos – ten videos from Second’s pastoral leadership to anchor our souls, guide our minds, and steady our hearts as children of God.

• On Wednesday, I will virtually share a message of faith and hope with you all.

• On your own time, I invite you to watch our Faithful Politics series – conversations I shared with our congregation earlier this month.

The most persistent and common command in all of scripture is this one: Do not be afraid. As Christians, we believe that perfect love casts out fear and overcomes all that seeks to divide us. We trust the constancy of God’s grace. We proclaim the redemptive love of Jesus Christ. We journey on together as those who reflect the light of Christ – this week and in all the weeks that follow.

With peace and grace,






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