Take A Second - March 24, 2020


"Fear is powerful. The only thing more powerful is love."

-- Rev. Chris Henry

The phrase "Fear not" appears 63 times in the Bible. We are not the first people to respond with this intense emotion! But Jesus tells us to "Fear not" because love can "cast away" fear. How are you handling your fear right now? Watch this March 22 sermon to hear more about how to combat fear with love...then scroll to see how our community of faith is doing this together.

(For details on how to watch, visit SecondChurch.org/Live.)

Though our worship will not be meeting each other in the Sanctuary at Second, we stand strong as a community of faith, anchored in the promise of prayer.


What is it like to be a welcoming community of faith when that community is put to the test? What is it like to trust the depth of fellowship in the midst of crisis? Can we still choose love and hold faith, together?

At Second Presbyterian Church – in abundant unity – you have answered.

Yes, as the Body of Christ, we can.

For nearly 200 years, Second has come together through calm seas and storms alike. You have acted in love, and you have carried forward. And this time is no different.

Did you know...

  • The youngest generation of our church now has their own YouTube playlist to follow Sunday School stories and lessons? And our littlest choir singers will still lift their voices in praise this weekend…right from their home computers?
  • The Niners confirmation class still learned what it means to be a Presbyterian last week?
  • Our Sunday online worship is being viewed well into the thousands…and growing!?
  • The students of Footsteps met through Zoom to continue their discipleship? And that our middle and high school kids are watching videos from Second youth leaders on Instagram by the hundreds?
  • Our volunteers and efforts at Northside Food Pantry are continuing to serve large numbers of neighbors?
  • Rev. Chris Henry offered faithful wisdom and guidance on WISH-TV last week?
  • The children of Children’s Circle Preschool are still sharing their artwork and reading stories together?
  • CenterPoint Counseling has continued to provide comfort and clarity to individuals and families?
  • Our Daily Devotions have been watched nearly 9,000 times? And that a faithful following of Second members (and beyond!) are sharing in daily Lectio Divina readings
  • Fellowship groups and committee meetings have continued to disciple and plan? FaceTime, Zoom, and more are all being used!
  • Our Sanctuary Choir continues to lead with harmony and find fellowship online?
  • You can join us on Facebook (along with nearly 7,000 others who already have just in the last week!), and visit Holding Faith, Together to hear from us every day?
  • Prayer circles are happening around the clock?! Praying for you, your health and your families. Praying for our leaders, praying for our healthcare community, and praying for strangers.

This welcoming community of faith where Jesus Christ transforms lives is connected, compassionate, deep, and strong. At SecondChurch.org/Update, you'll find all the ways we are holding faith, together. 


Many thanks to the young people who have stepped up to help in the food pantry! If you'd like to help, please sign up online. We can only have ten volunteers at a time, so we need to know if you are coming. If you have questions about signing up, email Lisa Enright.

Northside Food Pantry volunteers are bringing food to clients' cars, curbside, during our regular hours: 

  • Tuesday, 12:30 - 3 p.m.
  • Wednesday, 4 - 6:30 p.m.
  • Thursday, 10 a.m. - 12 noon
  • Saturday, 10 a.m. - 12 noon

Northside Food Pantry sources most of its food through Gleaners. If you would like to help keep the pantry shelves stocked, you can donate online and select "Northside Food Pantry" in the drop-down menu.



Remember, we are here to join with you in prayer and here to support you. To engage with one of our pastors, simply fill out this form, and we'll be in touch shortly.



A welcoming community of faith where Jesus Christ transforms lives