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Executive Director, CenterPoint Counseling

To express interest in this opportunity please submit a cover letter, resume, and personal faith statement to CPCSC@SecondChurch.org. Additional information on CenterPoint Counseling can be found by exploring this website. Learn more about Second Presbyterian Church.
CenterPoint Counseling (CPC) in Indianapolis, Indiana, provides professional counseling and programs as a mission of Second Presbyterian Church (PCUSA). CPC seeks an Executive Director to provide strategic leadership and management of all aspects of CPC including planning and execution of clinical, organizational, operational, and fund-raising activities required to strengthen and grow this mission. The Executive Director has responsibility for a staff of 12+.

Qualifications include a minimum Master’s Degree in Mental Health from an accredited school; Doctorate in Psychology preferred; formal theological training preferred; 5+ years of related experience, preferably in a group practice setting; Indiana State Mental Health license or ability to obtain licensure to practice in Indiana. Compensation commensurate with experience.

Job Description
About CenterPoint Counseling
CenterPoint Counseling (CPC) provides professional counseling and programs to care for the spiritual and emotional needs of individuals, couples, children, and families as an expression of Christian love and service. CPC serves as a Mission of and resides in the Second Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Position Description: Executive Director – CenterPoint Counseling

Reports To: Executive Pastor of Second Presbyterian Church

CPC Board of Directors

Session of Second Presbyterian Church

Directly Supervise: Therapists and Counselors

Office and Program Coordinator

Status: Full-time, Exempt (FLSA)

Position Summary:
The Executive Director provides strategic leadership and management of all aspects of CPC in a manner consistent with the vision of CenterPoint Counseling and mission of Second Presbyterian Church (a welcoming community of Faith where Jesus Christ transforms lives). This includes planning and execution of clinical, organizational, operational and fund-raising activities required to strengthen and grow this Mission. The Executive Director must be equipped with and exhibit the character and skills required to provide and or direct clinical excellence. In addition, the Executive Director will work closely with Church Staff and outreach ministries to grow the CPC’s capacity to serve the greater Indianapolis community.

Responsibilities and Duties:
Leadership –

  • Develop, maintain, communicate, and lead by example the Vision that optimizes the CPC mission and the capacity and ability to serve.
  • Establish and maintain close working relationships with key internal and external stakeholders (i.e.: CPC staff, church staff, Board of Directors, Session, community leaders, etc.) and utilize their resources, input and expertise to strengthen CPC’s mission.
  • Create a nurturing, inclusive team and office environment that promotes continuous learning, personal growth, sharing and collaboration.
  • Lead the development of best practice clinical and programmatic offerings that best serve evolving mental wellness needs for the church, city and mental health community.
  • Lead the effort to expand CPC’s outreach and impact to other community organizations in close coordination with Church staff.

Management –

  • Continuously recruit and develop sources for counseling candidates to meet client demand and maintain the highest quality clinical outcomes.
  • Promote continuous learning and professional development of clinical and administrative staff.
  • Establish clinical policies and procedures for the effective management of clinical staff, including ongoing supervision.
  • Ensure timely feedback is given for optimal performance of all.
  • Develop annual plans, budgets, and objectives for the organization and for individual personnel.
  • Conduct regular meetings with CPC staff, Board of Directors and Executive Pastor to facilitate communication and alignment.
  • Serve on Second Presbyterian Church’s leadership team and attend Church staff meetings and events.
  • In partnership with therapeutic staff, develop meaningful program offerings to expand CPC’s mission and reach into the community.
  • Actively manage and grow the Samaritan Fund in order to further serve individuals and families in financial need.
  • Oversee the management of all Electronic Health Records (EHR) in adherence to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements.
  • Meet or exceed all clinical licensure requirements for clinical staff.

Core Competencies –

  • Interpersonal Skills – Establishes and maintains good working relationships with CPC staff, church staff, congregation, clients, and the community at large. Builds rapport, is sensitive to others, uses diplomacy and is approachable.
  • Pastoral Care / Counseling – Demonstrates the ministry of counseling and communicates a spirit of openness that invites staff and clients who are spiritually and emotionally troubled to confide in them; demonstrates appropriate personal care boundaries, recognizing their own limitation as a care provider; respects confidences: appropriately refers clients and congregants to other professional care providers as warranted.
  • Shows personal depth and spiritual grounding; demonstrates integrity and consistent purpose towards the mission of CPC and the church; is trustworthy and authentic; seeks the wisdom of appropriate mentors and is open to and willing to discuss diverse understandings of God.
  • Self-Differentiation – Demonstrates strong and appropriate personal boundaries in relationships; has a healthy appreciation of self, without being egotistical; is emotionally mature; can maintain a non-anxious presence in the midst of turmoil; is not overly dependent upon outside affirmation; works to build a strong personal support system.
  • Listening – Engages in thoughtful and attentive listening; listens beneath the surface for real intent that may contradict spoken messages; overcomes personal bias to genuinely hear the ideas and concerns of another; can describe the perspective of another, even when in disagreement.
  • Hospitality / Accessibility- Seeks to convey a hospitable and available spirit. Seeks to convey warm and friendly accessibility and is open and responsive to all. When appropriate, seeks to connect people to help foster a sense of community. Supports a broad culture of diversity and works to foster connections with others.
  • Organizational Management – Employs personal organizational skills to work with the CPC Board and staff in planning for the future; engages and encourages others to discover and use their gifts and skills for the advancement of CPC; manages their time well, maintains a professional demeanor, and supports organizational resources and requirements.

Minimum Qualifications – 

  • Master’s Degree in Mental Health from an accredited school, Doctorate in Psychology preferred.
  • Formal theological training preferred, minimum able to demonstrate Christian leadership with artful nuance and confidence across diverse theological understandings.
  • 5+ years of related experience, preferably in a group practice setting.
  • Deep faith in Jesus Christ, Christian values, strong interpersonal skills and personal integrity.
  • Indiana State Mental Health license or ability to obtain licensure to practice in Indiana

Position Open Until Filled.