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Why and How to Give
Time to Shine

First, giving is a matter of our identity. We are created in the image of God, who is exceedingly good and generous. As we give generously of our time and resources, we fulfill a deep truth of our identity and purpose as children of God. Because giving is what we were created to do, being a generous giver is the way to live a full and meaningful life.

Second, it is a matter of gratitude. Giving generously is a way to thank God for all the blessings we have received: our individual lives; the loved ones around us; our time, talent, and treasure; the forgiveness of our sins; and the promise of resurrection to eternal life. We express our gratitude by loving God and neighbor, following Christ’s teachings, and generously sharing from what God has given us.

Third, it is a matter of impact. Jesus told us to make disciples, feed the hungry, clothe the naked…to transform both people and the world. Our generous giving makes a difference in the world – as evident in all the articles of this magazine.

There are many ways to give:  cash or check; online though the church website; with a credit card or automatic withdrawal from the bank; stock transfer; Donor Advised Fund or a Family Foundation; a direct tax-free contribution using the mandatory minimum withdrawal from an IRA.

Each gift, no matter the size, makes a difference. A one-time contribution counts. Or, we may prefer to make a continuing contribution (weekly, monthly, quarterly). Making a specific commitment (or goal) helps us to be more intentional about our financial priorities. When considering a giving goal, using a proportion or percentage of our income may be a helpful plan. The Bible speaks of a tithe (10%) as a worthy goal.