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The General Fund
Sowing Seeds, Nurturing Possibilities

The General Fund It takes $4.6 million annually to support the operations of our church and its ministries through the General Fund.  Worship, missions, youth ministries, children’s ministries, fellowship, adult education, communications, salaries and benefits, utilities, building maintenance, administration, information technology…nearly every activity and ministry (including everything you are reading about in this issue!) is supported directly or indirectly by the General Fund.

Because member contributions provide 85% of this budget, your General Fund gifts are the single-most effective way to support the whole ministry of our church.

A snapshot of 2017 contributions to the General Fund:

  • 69% of our member households contributed to the General Fund.
  • The average household contribution was $2,489.
  • Of our 1373 donor households, 23 (1.7%) contributed more than $20,000 each.  168 households (12.2%) contributed more than $5,000 each.
  • 14% contributed by Credit Card, ACH transfers, or e-giving.
  • An increasing number of households contributed with stock, mandatory minimum IRA withdrawals, Donor Advised Funds, and Family Foundations.
  • 11.8% ($528,731) came from the Endowment. This is designated for building-related expenses, freeing up member contributions to support ministries and programs.

$4.6 million is a large amount of money and we are most grateful for your contributions!

But challenges and opportunities lie ahead. Can the General Fund keep pace with the growing opportunities to improve, expand, and develop our ministries? With the Endowment as a reliable base of support, will we increase the number of members who contribute? Will each of us increase the amount we contribute?

When it comes to sowing seeds and nurturing possibilities, our generosity makes a difference!