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Letter from Chris
Stewardship 2019

Dear Friends,

The energy and momentum at Second Presbyterian Church are palpable these days. Regardless of the ways in which you engage the life of this faith community, I hope you can sense the movement of the Holy Spirit here. I am fortunate enough to hear on a daily basis the stories and encounters that make Second such a beacon of light and hope in our city.

A few weeks ago, I was walking through the sanctuary on a weekday afternoon and noticed a young man sitting in one of the back pews, head bowed in prayer. I attempted to pass by him quietly, but the man looked up and said hello. That began a brief but meaningful conversation. The man described some of the challenges he was facing and how he had been driving up Meridian Street when he saw the church—“I just knew I needed to stop for a few minutes to pray in the light of this sanctuary.” He told me had driven by the church hundreds of times but somehow knew this was the day he needed to come inside. We prayed together and then my new friend said something that has lingered in my heart and mind: “Thank you, just for being here. It gives me hope.”

What is the role of the church in our time and place? Jesus instructed his disciples to “let your light shine before others.” In other words, we are called to shine—to broadcast the hope that we find in God’s love and to scatter light in words and actions. This fall at Second, as we live into this time of renewed energy and growing momentum, we are called to let the light of Christ shine brightly in this community, and to let that light shine far beyond it as well. You’ll read some of the ways that we are doing that in the pages of this magazine. I also hope that you will consider that call as you discern your giving goal for the 2020 budget. We can shine even more brightly with greater participation in giving and increased financial gifts. We can build on the firm foundation of those who have come before us and extend the reach of our congregation. We can inspire deeper faith among those who are here and invite others to join in the life of this church. We can be a welcoming community of faith where Jesus Christ transforms lives…and where the light of God shines for all to see.

As I approach my five hundredth day as your pastor, I remain profoundly grateful for the privilege of sharing ministry with you. I am energized by the future that God has in store for us. I am committed to bold and faithful ministry in this significant time.

Second, it’s time to shine!

Christopher A. Henry