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Letter from Chris
Stewardship 2018

Dear Friends,

Jesus said that where we choose to invest our resources is the best indication of our top priorities (Matthew 6:21). That’s the truth. How we spend our time, energy, talent, passion, and money reveals a great deal about what matters most to us.

This is also true: in the real world, there are many competitors vying for those limited resources. It is a constant struggle to honor our priorities even as we are pulled in many different directions and bombarded with worthy uses of our time and our money. I know a family whose New Year’s resolution was to worship together each Sunday for an entire calendar year. In mid-February, their best intentions were tested by a birthday party invitation. By early May, they’d shifted their resolution to a twice-per-month family worship.

I think we can all identify with the tension they encountered. Putting God first in our lives is often easier in theory than in practice. That’s why we set some time aside each fall as a congregation to reflect on the journey of faith and ministry that we share. We celebrate all that God is doing through Second Presbyterian Church, and we commit ourselves to active participation in that work as we plan for the year ahead.

This year, we are focusing our attention on the extraordinary possibilities that are ahead of us. It is a significant time in the life of Second Presbyterian Church as we journey together into a new chapter of mission and ministry. Now is the time to plant the seeds that will bear good fruit for years and decades to come. For 180 years, in every season and through much change, God has blessed and guided this great congregation. This is our time to faithfully, joyfully, and boldly sow seeds of newness and nurture the possibilities that God calls us to pursue.

We give to support the ministry of the church for many reasons. We give because we have been taught to offer a portion of what we have to bless others. We give out of gratitude for what we have received. We give to ensure the future of communities that have blessed us. We give to be a prophetic witness to the way of Christ in the world. We give because it brings joy and meaning to our lives.

In the weeks ahead, I hope that you will prayerfully consider the invitation to give generously, discuss it with those you love, and determine how you can make giving a priority in the year ahead. In the church, pledging is planning. Our commitments enable the Session (leadership team) of the church to set a responsible budget and our generosity makes all the ministry and mission that we share possible. As you reflect on the stories told in the words and images of this newsletter, consider your role in supporting all that happens at Second Presbyterian Church.

I am grateful for the privilege of sharing ministry with you. I am energized by the future that God has in store for us. I am committed to sowing seeds and nurturing possibilities of newness in this significant time. This is our call at Second as we prepare for 2019— to commit ourselves boldly as we journey forward in community!

With gratitude,
Christopher A. Henry