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Footsteps of Faith

High School Seniors

Footsteps of Faith is designed for confirmed High School Seniors (members of Second Presbyterian Church). Footsteps meets September through April, Sunday mornings from 11:00-12:00. 

Payment for 2017 Footsteps of Faith. Click here to pay. If you want to pay the entire $1500, leave both payments checked. If you only want to pay the first payment, uncheck the second payment. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about payment. We never want someone left out because of cost.

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During your senior year in high school, deeper questions will begin to present themselves in new ways. Don’t you think your Christian faith should have something to say about these big questions?

Footsteps of Faith is a way in which you can investigate these questions through the lenses of faith and theology. The experience will challenge you to think on a completely different level about your life and all you do. This class is led by the Senior Lake Fellows, as well as the Youth Staff.

Footsteps is a trek through the life of the early church, the Acts of the Apostles, and the writings of the apostles. In these sources we hear the earliest stories of the Christian faith and hear our own lives echoed in the voices of the ancients. Footsteps culminates with a trip to Greece, Turkey and Italy to walk in the footsteps of Paul.

The Footsteps journey has the potential to be transformative for all willing to invest themselves in it.  If you are interested in applying for the 2016-2017 Footsteps of Faith, please fill out this form and print and sign the covenant. Submit the covenant and a recent picture of yourself to the church office. Applications are due by September 1.

Footsteps 2016-2017 Syllabus, click here
Footsteps 2016-2017 Payments, click here.

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