College Cohort

We began college-age cohorts with five digital gatherings this past fall and now we're opening up the spring cohort! The next cohort will run throughout Lent (with a one-week break that overlaps with many schools' spring breaks). If you did not participate in the fall but want to opt-in for the spring, we would love to have you! We just ask all who sign-up to commit to the sessions for the semester and aim to miss no more than one. That simple! 

This spring we'll be deepen our engagement with the larger congregational theme throughout Lent, Character & Virtue, to explore Virtue & Vocation: how might Christ be cultivating your character for your calling in this world?

Meetings this spring are on Zoom 5-6:30 p.m. on Tuesdays:

  • February 28 | Kindness
  • March 7 | Truthfulness & Friendship
  • March 21 | Hope
  • March 28 | Courage
  • April 4 | Humility

To sign-up, email Gracie at GPayne@SecondChurch.org or DM @SecondPresYA.