Christmas Music Sunday
Sunday, December 18

Dr. Michelle Louer, Conductor

Felix Mendelssohn was an enormously talented and versatile composer, conductor, and performer. He was the grandson of the famous Jewish philosopher Moses Mendelssohn, who strongly promoted Jewish assimilation into German culture and society. Mendelssohn’s father eventually converted the family to the Lutheran faith when Felix was a young boy. It is through this connection with Lutheranism that Mendelssohn became acquainted with the tradition of congregational hymnody and particularly, those written by the great reformer Martin Luther. He was struck with the beauty and power of Luther’s hymns and immediately began composing a series of pieces based on hymns.

Beginning with the sound of exuberant strings cascading from top to bottom, we are in for a treat as we literally experience the hope, peace, joy, and love of God descending down to us from heaven through the birth of his son, our Lord, Jesus Christ in aural representation.

We, as the cherished community of faith and God’s beloved children, will respond in joyful praise through singing some of our most favorite Christmas hymns with choir, full orchestra, and organ.