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What is 45 Degrees?

Vision: 45 Degrees is a welcoming and joy-filled Christian community where fourth and fifth grade students build a foundation for faith through Bible study, fellowship, prayer and service, supported by a team of dedicated (and sometimes wacky) mentors, we call "coaches."

45 Degrees is a Sunday School class... and so much more!

  • Sunday Mornings: (Rooms 354 and 355) Members of the 45 Degrees community gather weekly on Sunday mornings for Bible study, discussion and prayer.
  • 45 Degrees Mission Club: Meets throughout the year to engage students and often their families in service. Some of our mission activities include hosting IHN families, working with Northside Ministries in the food pantry and garden, holding a shopping night with Christmas Benevolence, leading a worship service for families.
  • Friday Night Live: Twice each year, the 45 Degrees Community gathers for an evening of zany fun.
  • 45 Degrees VBS: A week of intensive fun, learning and service.

We Believe:
• Coming to church should be fun.
• Faithful mentors are important in the growing faith life of children.
• The biblical story is our story...for life.
• Children are ...
the church of tomorrow and TODAY!  
eager to know and share God's love
at the very heart of God's kingdom
asking important faith questions

In 45 Degrees, we hope:
• Your child will make and be a friend. 
• Your child will come to know God's stories and apply them to life. 
• Your child will grow in familiarity with the Bible, understanding biblical themes and timeline, increased ability to find books of the Bible, chapters and verses, and sealing particular scriptures in their hearts.
• Your child will find a safe space to ask questions and explore ideas.
• Your child will know themselves to be a beloved child of God and a member of a faith community sharing God's love through service to and with others.

45 Degrees Leadership Team:

Teachers: Bob McElroy, Steve Johnson, Dave Arnold
Greeters/Shepherds: Ron Snow, Erik Young, Verlyn Wilson, Karen Cummings, Jonathan Elliot, Cassy Malson
Mission Club Leader: Jennifer Shirk
FNL: Any and all members of the 45 Degrees Leadership Team
45 Degrees VBS: Alicia Buckley, Ellen Gullet, Krista Stubbs, Robert Warhurst, Hilary Barrett

Stay Informed Through:
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• Weekly E-News to Parents (Subscribe by logging in to your account at the top of the page.)

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