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MFA Advisory Teams
Sanctuary Choir, Fine Arts Advisory Team, Music & Fine Arts Ministry Team

MFA Advisory Teams

Sanctuary Choir

2018-2019 Officers
Dennis Donnelly, President
Lynn Yates, Vice President
Kay Phelps, Recording Secretary
Janet Blank, Corresponding Secretary
Keith Phelps, Treasurer
Jenny Gaha, Social Chair
Linda Stevens, Assistant Social Chair
Gregg Munson, Concert Manager
Xiao Wang, Assistant Concert Manager
2019-2020 Officers
Lynn Yates, President
Karl Snider, Vice-President
Barb Parker, Recording Secretary (2019-2020)
Christy Herris, Recording Secretary (2020-2021)
Joyce Tarr, Coreesponding Secretary
Keith Phelps, Treasurer
Xiao Wang, Concert Manager
Julia Erickson, Assistant Concert Manager
Mary Ann Meshverger & Lynn Cangany, Social Chairs


Fine Arts Advisory Team

Martha Sando, Chairman
Barbara Applegate-Jones
Gayle Bowman
Dr. Robert Bratton
Lou Ann Dummich
Jane Farber
Ray Marquette
Sylvia Perteete
Kay Phelps
Linda Rinker
Ann Rose
Jennifer Shivers
Deb Slack

Carol Baker, Staff Liaison

Music & Fine Arts Ministry Team

Fred Parker, Chairman
Byron Chaplin 
Dennis Donnelly
Fritz Gordner
Sandy Gordner
Gary Powell
Bob Singer

Parent Resources
Staff, Volunteer Information, Handbook, Calendar, Mission

Parent Resources

Choir School Staff

  • CHERUB CHOIR - Carol Baker, Cherub Choir Director & Thomas Ristine, Accompanist
  • CAROL CHOIR - Brianna Holt, Carol Choir Director & Luke Nargang and Caleb Meadows, Accompanists 
  • View Music Staff Photos & Biographies: Click here to view


Adult volunteers provide invaluable assistance during Children’s Choir School classes. Duties include escorting children from Sanctuary to classrooms, recording attendance, distributing and collecting materials, helping children with any personal issues that arise during rehearsal, and assisting with robing and processing on worship Sundays.

To maintain a healthy, safe environment, we require all volunteers to complete the Volunteer Approval Process. To learn more, contact Carol Baker.

Thank you for your cooperation and participation!

Choir School Handbook

This Choir School Handbook outlines information related to the program's goals, participation, volunteer opportunities, calendar, and more.

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Children and Youth Music Mission

The mission of the music program for Children and Youth is to develop:

  1. The God-given talents of all children and youth;
  2. The use of talents in service of God;
  3. The understanding of a creative God through personal creative expression;
  4. The skills of music fundamentals and ensemble techniques;
  5. Tradition through learning of scripture, sacrament, doctrine and history;
  6. Teamwork, fellowship and positive relationships (peer-to-peer and inter-generational);
  7. The engagement of the community through outreach programs.