Rehm Guild

Rehm Guild meets six times a year on the 4th Tuesday of September, October, November, March, April, and May. All ages are welcome. Today, Rehm Guild members are 40 to 101!

2018-19 Rehm Guild Schedule

Have you ever wondered... Who was Caroline Rehm, and why does she have a Guild?

A guild is defined as "an organization of persons ith related interests, goals, etc."

The Rehm Guild was established in 1845 as a Sewing Society. The church at that time was located downtown. Circle Six was another group who wanted to maintain their fellowship. Many ladies maintained a relationship in two circles. In 1966, the group restated their mission and purpose and became the Caroline Rehm Guild. Mrs. Rehm had been a long-time member of the church and the women wanted to continue in her memory.

Today, the Rehm Guild gathers six times a year for a light lunch and friendly fellowship and to hear a stimulating speaker. We learn about and provide support for our church and community.

You are invited!

Come to Rehm Guild to get to know some of the people you might see on Sunday and not have a chance to engage in conversation. You'll be inspired by our speakers, who share their stories about life in our city and beyond.