A large and colorful mosaic artwork symbolizing our dedication to rebuilding community, a faithful world, and a better future, is now complete! Thank you to all who visited us in McFarland hall and helped place tiles to build this collaborative piece of art.

Please join Reverend Chris Henry, Director of Music and Fine Arts Dr. Shelle Louer, the Fine Arts Advisory Team and Lead Artist Joani Rothenberg on Sunday, June 16 following the 10 AM worship service for the dedication of the Mosaic Project in McFarland Hall.

Questions: Contact MFA@SecondChurch.org

Project History

Thank you to all who visited us in McFarland hall and helped place tiles to build this collaborative piece of art!

Mosaics have been used to tell the stories of the faithful for thousands of years. The carefully placed tiles are visual statements of faith, perseverance, and permanence. Those who participate will be rewarded with a sense of fellowship, accomplishment, and a connection to the past and future of Second Presbyterian Church.

The artists have taken ideas, submitted by the members, describing what Second Presbyterian and rebuilding means to them. The design incorporates many of the church symbols and ideas from the congregation. Contributors will have the opportunity to place tiles in an artwork that honors Second’s history and vibrant future. The completed work will hang in McFarland Hall for years to come.

Project Timeline

Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4

Collect reflections on church theme of “A Time to Rebuild” from Second Community.


Artists examine collected reflections, identify prevailing themes, and develop an artistic representation reflective of the Second community’s reflections on the theme of “A Time to Rebuild.”

The Fine Arts Advisory Team reviews proposed artistic representation for approval.

MARCH 2024


Second community gathers to tile the mosaic with guidance and assistance from artists.

APRIL 30-MAY 14, 2024.


Mosaic dedication:
SUNDAY, JUNE 16 following 10 AM worship.

Exploring the Theme of Rebuilding Together

In a time when many have lost faith in the institutions that once provided structure to our common life, we are called to rebuild trust. Following years of separation and isolation, we are called to rebuild community. While people of every age struggle to find purpose, we are called to rebuild paths to abundant life. As deepening division and the forces of polarizations tear us apart, we are called to rebuild bridges across the chasm.

As a community of faith, Second Presbyterian has explored the theme, A Time to Rebuild, through sermons, classes, prayers, ministry, and outreach. And through the Mosaic Project, we explore the theme of rebuilding through art. Led by mosaic artists, Yael Buxmaum and Joani Rothenberg, and the Fine Arts Advisory Team, the Mosaic Project is an artistic means of exploring relational, impactful, and transcendent questions related to how we are bringing people together, what differences we are making, and to whom we are pointing.

To this end, we have collected reflections on Rebuilding from as many groups and individuals as possible, and together, we will transform our collective contributions into a beautiful mosaic – a legacy art piece with a permanent home in McFarland Hall. 

About the Artists

Mosaic Artists Yael Buxbaum and Joani Rothenberg of JoyaPublicArt.com are leading the community mosaic build at Second culminating in a new permanent art collection piece. The artists have created significant works for organizations like St. Vincent’s Hospital and the Girl Scout Headquarters using a collaborative-community approach.

Statement from the Artists - The true beauty of these projects can be found in the stories of the people engaged in the creative process. The community involvement can entail placing a tile, suggesting visual ideas, or simply showing support for the project. Contributions from others transform the art display from a simple installation into a meaningful and lasting part of the community.

Video Stories About Joani and Yael’s process and community work:

Art by Joani- Mosaic Project at Saint Vincent

Mosaic Project by Joani and Yael | Tree of Life

Questions? Contact the Music & Fine Arts Office.

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