The Fine Arts Advisory Team coordinates art exhibits featuring works by members and friends of Second Presbyterian Church.  Most of these installations are in McFarland Hall, on the third floor of the north addition.


The gallery space consists of three bays for sculptural art, and space for as many as 56 hung works of art.  Available space includes the three bays in McFarland hall, extended space on the opposite wall in McFarland Hall, and just down the hallway towards the Sanctuary.  The Fine Arts team also has a limited amount of high quality pedestals and display cases for sculptural pieces.


Each fall the Fine Arts Advisory Team coordinates the show Eight Days of Creation, an open, multimedia exhibit of art pieces by members of Second Presbyterian Church. Other shows have featured sketches, photography, and sculpture from artists in Indiana and beyond.


For more information about the McFarland Hall Gallery, please contact the Chairperson of the Fine Arts Advisory Team, Dr. Robert Bratton.