We are a lay-led congregation, which means ordinary members like you direct and implement our many programs.

In addition to the elected church officers (Elders and Deacons), church members serve on ministry teams dedicated to specific programs within the church.  If you are interested in joining a ministry team, please contact the chairperson or staff liaison.


What is a Ministry Team (MT)?

A Ministry Team (MT) is a small group of members and friends of Second Presbyterian Church who puts into action the mission statement of Second Church through collaboration on a particular ministry, interest or focus.  The foundation of a particular Ministry Team is worship, mission  and study

What is the difference between a Ministry Team and a project?

A project is a one-time, or short-term, event or program.

A MT is an ongoing, or long-term, transformational ministry of the Church.  It may have evolving goals, which can change as the purpose of the MT evolves. 

If a project is particularly successful, or if it unearths a ministry opportunity that should be addressed on a long-term basis, a Ministry Team may be created to support the ministry.

Who serves on a Ministry Team?

Any and all members and friends of Second Church are invited to serve on a Ministry Team.  Those who are not members of the Second Church may be asked to serve because of their particular expertise, although all members of a Ministry Team are actively encouraged to engage in the full life of the Church.

A ministry team is not required to be of a particular size. Efficiency of performing work, logistics of meetings, and magnitude of specific ministry should guide the number of members, with a goal to invite and include all who have a heart to put their faith into action.

What does a Ministry Team do?

Many, many things!  Since the purpose of a Ministry Team is to put into action the mission statement of Second Church, there are many different ways to do that.  Below are the three foundations of a Ministry Team and some examples of how each might be interpreted:

  • Teaching/Study  (Didache) – A MT critically studies its mission and thinks creatively about how to address it. This may include Bible study, providing and attending lectures, group discussion, or research. Central to the ministry of teaching is the act of worship. The members worship and glorify God together through dedication to Christ’s service. They may pray together, attend worship services together, hold their own small group worship services, or worship with other congregations outside of Second Church, perhaps as part of their outreach efforts.
  • Fellowship (Koinonia) – A MT may create opportunities for those in the Church to enjoy each other. This may be within the MT itself, within the wider church family, or in outreach to the greater community.
  • Service (Diaconos) – Members of a MT give of their time and talents in a variety of ways to support the goals of the team. Whether through international development (e.g. Kenya Ministry Team), the arts (e.g. Fine Arts Ministry Team), pastoral care (e.g. Care Corps), or education (e.g. Christian Education Team), the team serves Christ through a commitment to a common mission.