Second Presbyterian Church is a welcoming community of faith where Jesus Christ transforms lives through worship, mission, discipleship, giving and fellowship.

The annual Stewardship Campaign asks members and friends of Second Presbyterian Church to make a pledge of financial support to the 2014 General Fund. Contributions to this fund help turn the church’s vision into reality. Worship is at the heart of our community’s life and the foundation for our mission activity. It is the central act in which the largest numbers of our members regularly participate. Worship is frequently the entryway for people visiting our church for the first time. Worship distinguishes us from other social-service institutions. 

But what is worship?
First, worship is one of the ways that God’s love, grace, forgiveness, and presence is made real to us. Through Word, sacraments, prayers and music we not only hear about God’s grace…we actually experience it. The Holy Spirit uses worship to transform lives.

Second, worship is our grateful response to what God has done for us through Christ. In worship, we ascribe all praise, honor, glory and power to the triune God. We acknowledge God’s presence in our lives and respond to God’s redemptive action for us in Jesus Christ. In worship, we accept God’s love through Christ and offer ourselves to be his servants. Worship transforms lives.

Consider how your own life has been transformed by worship at Second – and not just on Sundays. Worship at Second happens at many times and places: small groups, retreats, home communion, Bible studies, weddings, funerals, Niners Confirmation, mission trips, Great Banquets, Vacation Bible School, meetings, Footsteps of Faith, Children’s Circle Preschool, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Christmas Eve….

Consider how many people have had their lives transformed by worship at Second ...
Of course, worship is just one of the ways Christ transforms lives. Worship, mission, discipleship and fellowship are all made real by your pledge and contribution to the General Fund.

Pledge (estimate of giving) cards will be mailed to all members in October. You may also submit your pledge online or download a card below or pick one up at the information desk and pew racks. They can be returned by mail or placed in the offering plate. Please join us as we dedicate pledges on Commitment Sunday, October 27.


The General Fund provides the primary support for our life-transforming ministries of worship, mission, discipleship, and fellowship. In 2012, spending for our worship services, Christian Education classes, mission and outreach programs, youth ministries, fellowship groups, building and grounds, utilities, ministerial and staff salaries, communications, and administration totaled $4,542,697.

Why is my contribution important?
Member contributions provided 88% of General Fund income in 2012. It is a common misconception that a few wealthy families take care of everything. While we are blessed to have several large contributors, it takes many gifts, both large and small, to support the ministries of our church. Every gift counts. Your gift makes a difference.

Why is my pledge (estimate of giving) important?
Making a pledge is an important spiritual practice for you, personally. Jesus said, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Being intentional in your giving not only reflects your spiritual life; it can transform your spiritual life. Your pledge also helps our church officers to accurately project the income for next year’s General Fund. Your pledge enables us to manage the church’s financial resources more faithfully and effectively.


Time to Make Your Pledge!

Prayerfully consider how you can contribute.  Then fill out the online pledge card, or download a pdf pledge card to print, then mail it in or bring it to church. Please understand with either contribution option you choose below, the church still needs you to fill out a pledge card to assist with budget planning.  

Fill out the online pledge card

Download 2014 pledge card here.

Pledge Options

When you make your pledge this year, you have many options for contributions:

1.  Cash

2.  Check - You can place a check in the offering plate, bring it to the church or mail it to the church.

3.  e-Giving - Log on to e-Giving section of our web site.  You can schedule payments at any time.  In addition to paying your pledge, you can make donations to special campaigns, such as Christmas Benevolence or Northside Ministry.

4.  Credit Card - Second can charge your credit card monthly for the designated amount. 

5.  ACH transfer - Second can set up a direct transfer from your bank account. 

Note:  If you authorized credit card payments or ACH transfers in the past, you need to complete new paperwork for 2013.


You can receive your statements from Second via email.  To get started, send the following information to

  • Name
  • Address
  • Home phone number
  • Email address