Custodial fees are for room arrangement and audio/visual equipment set-up, and custodial take-down of equipment, room arrangement and clean-up. The Building and Grounds custodial fees are as follows:
  • Up to 100 people -- $ 75 per day
  • Up to 300 people -- 150 per day
  • Up to 500 people -- 300 per day
  • More than 500 people -- 450 per day
The use of most audio/visual equipment available at Second Presbyterian Church is free. A rental fee of $150.00 will be charged for the use of a Data Projector and screen (7’ high x 8’ wide).

Services of a sound technician are available at $50.00 per hour (with a 2-hour minimum which includes a 1-hour set-up) to be requested a minimum of 3 weeks in advance of the event.
If OVER 250 persons are attending this event, TRAFFIC/SECURITY CONTROL IS REQUIRED. The cost is $280.00 for 2 traffic/security control officers on Meridian and who patrol the parking lots for 4-hour minimum. Traffic/Security control begins _ hour prior to event start time, and ends _ hour after the end of event time. Charges are subject to change WITHOUT NOTICE.

A Church Representative will be assigned as “host” for all overnight events, and a fee of $50 will be charged for this service.

Second Presbyterian Church reserves the right to make changes to any/all schedules in order to accommodate church ministry. This includes any contractual agreements for any group. The
church may adjust or waive any/all charges on an individual basis at our discretion.

Any group, which charges admission, will be charged $1.50 fee per attendee, in addition to room and other charges.

Not-for-profit groups may be eligible for a 50% discount if one of the following criteria is met:
a. Any outside group composed of 50% or more current Second Presbyterian Church members.
b. Any outside group whose stated purpose is to serve Christ and at this meeting would be working toward that purpose.

Groups not falling in the above categories may seek a Session Committee or executive staff member to sponsor their programs through the Director of Human Resources and Administrative Services to make them eligible for building usage and possibly discounted fees.

There will be no charge for room use for denominational meetings, General Assembly committees, Synod or Synod committees, Presbytery or Presbytery committees, Presbyterian Women’s groups or meetings of other Presbyterian churches.

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