Youth Summer Trips Philosophy

Youth Ministries at Second Presbyterian Church Summer Trips

Every summer, youth from Second Presbyterian Church travel together to destinations around the world. There are at least three youth ministries trips each year: Footsteps of Faith (for graduating high school seniors) and at least two short term service trips, one for middle school students (those who have completed 6th-8th grades) and one for high school students (those who have completed 9th-12th grades).

Why provide such opportunities for our students? We believe that these trips give youth the opportunity to:

  • experience what it is like to give of themselves and their faith in working with and learning alongside others,
  • further expand their world and world-view,
  • interact with our faith brothers and sisters from diverse communities with rich cultural heritage,
  • learn new skills,
  • see the effectiveness of a group who come together around a common goal,
  • be a witness to the good news of the Gospel,
  • stretch their faith, strengthen their personal relationships with God, and gain insight into what it means to be a world Christian, and
  • understand how they can live out their faith through service within their everyday surroundings. They do not have to go some place exotic to serve. There are opportunities right next door. 

In addition, we know that these experiences challenge students to think new thoughts and engage in new ideas. More personal transformation can take place on the short trips than can possibly be imagined or planned. It is our hope that all of the youth of Second Presbyterian Church will take the opportunity to participate in one of these summer trips. The discoveries made may be life-transforming.

Middle School – (grades 6-8)
Rural Trip – Students experience a rural setting and the needs unique to the people who live in this setting.
Big Ten Trip – Students experience a city that has a Big Ten University and work with organizations located close to the campus.
Urban Trip – Students experience a large urban setting and the needs unique to such a setting.
High School – (grades 9-12) –
Urban Trip – Students experience urban ministry and mission in Chicago partnering with Fourth Presbyterian Church.
Midwestern Trip – Students experience work through First Presbyterian Church in Sandusky, OH and their various mission organizations.
Rural Trip – Students experience life in a community that is far removed from any big city. The needs and the challenges are unique to such a setting outside of Pittsburgh with Hosanna Industries. 
Footsteps of Faith - Seniors in high school travel to Greece and Italy following the footsteps of the Apostles Paul, John, and Peter and the life of the early church. This travel is a part of a yearlong faith journey and commissioning for our graduating seniors.
2018 TRIPS
Footsteps of Faith is June 8-18- Greece and Italy
Middle School Trip is July 9-13 - Wabash College and Crawfordsville, IN - Wabash Ave Presbyterian Church
High School Trip is July 22-28 - Chicago, IL - Fourth Presbyterian Church
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