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A.J. Johnson
Communications Assistant

A.J. Johnson is the Assistant to the Communications Department.



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Posts from December 2009

Large print hymnals and bulletins are available at all morning worship services. Please ask an usher for these worship aids. CDs and DVDs of last week’s sermon are available in the library. The CDs are there for your taking; the DVDs are “check-out” only. Hearing aid devices are available for use in the Sanctuary. These simple to use, pocket size units are available from the ushers. Please return to the ushers, after the service.
Recycle your newspapers and aluminum cans at Second. A recycling bin for other printed material (no phone books please) is located on the east side of the far north parking lot. A recycling bin for aluminum cans is located under the awning at the northeast side of the church. Proceeds will be used for mission.