Second Presbyterian is a welcoming community of faith where Jesus Christ transforms lives through

  • worship, as we praise and glorify God;
  • mission, as we embody God's love in service to the world;
  • discipleship, as we listen for God's Word;
  • giving, as we express gratitude to God;
  • fellowship, as we love and care for one another.

Vision Statement

... through worship, as we are called to...

Glorify God through a variety of worship opportunities that express gratitude, demonstrate commitment to the Reformed faith and engage the gifts and talents of the people of God.

Encourage every member of the congregation to respond to congregational worship, through participating in weekly study, service or spiritual fellowship.

Invite the congregation and community to experience God's presence through music, art, drama, dance and other forms of fine art.

Presbyterian Women provides opportunities to build community through intergenerational relationships as we study and work together.

The stated purpose of Presbyterian Women is:

Forgiven and freed by God in Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we commit ourselves:

  • To nurture our faith through prayer and Bible study,
  • To support the mission of the church worldwide,
  • To work for justice and peace, and
  • To build an inclusive, caring community of women that strengthens the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and witnesses to the promise of God's kingdom.

PW sponsors four Inspiring Speakers events each year.  These events are open to all and feature inspirational speakers and music.

Five PW Bible studies meet each week on Monday morning, Tuesday afternoon, Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning and Thursday morning.  These groups welcome new members to read the Word and study together.

Through PW, the women of Second express gratitude and praise God through Bible study and prayer, as well as volunteer time and effort.


...through mission, as we are called to...

Invite each member to join an outreach ministry or ministry team.

Deepen commitments to transformational missions that foster sustainable living, develop partnerships and nurture relationships.

Cultivate leaders of all ages who embrace Christ's mission as a way of life.

PW invites all women at Second to get involved in our ongoing activities, and we welcome ideas for new opportunities.

Women may choose to be involved in any of the following:

  • Monday Prayer Group - providing intercessory prayer for members and others,
  • Monday Sew-ers - creating sleeping bags for homeless, blankets and pillows for Riley patients and caps for cancer patients,
  • Five weekly Bible studies for women of all ages,
  • Bazaar booth committees and sorters - small groups that meet year round to prepare for the bazaar and summer sale,
  • Local mission teams - supporting organizations such as Wheeler Mission and Greenbriar Elementary School,
  • Rehm Guild - monthly lunchtime gatherings,
  • Inspiring Speakers events - four large gatherings each year featuring notable speakers and music, and
  • PW Coordinating Team - leading PW activities at Second.

By its nature PW is focused on relationships.  The volunteer teams and Bible study groups provide ongoing support and fellowship among members.  This winter PW is sponsoring an intergenerational women's retreat to provide renewal and strengthen bonds among the women of Second.

PW also has strong ties to community groups through local mission volunteering, sewing projects for local groups, and consistent financial support to missions and ministries made possible by each year's bazaar and summer sale.  Among the beneficiaries are Boy Scout Troop 18, Northside Mission/Greenbriar Elementary, Broad Ripple High School, Children's Circle of Second Presbyterian Church, Westminster Neighborhood Ministries, SAWs ramps, Pyoca Camp, Haiti Nursing Foundation, Global Interfaith Partnership/Ken-Ya Help Us and Monte de los Olivos Church in Nicte-Ha, Mexico.  These generous donations support ministries that promote independent and sustainable living in Indianapolis and throughout the world.

Bazaar leaders have cultivated relationships with groups such as Teachers Treasures, Quest, Humane Society, Danny's Closet and Salvation Army, who receive some of the goods donated to the church.  This year PW is partnering with local vendors to provide a fair trade area at the bazaar.  We are strengthening our ties to these groups, who help sustain the lives and livelihoods of individuals and families around the world.


... through discipleship, as we are called to...

Mentor spiritual leaders for the church, community and world.

Nurture the faith and spiritual development of children, youth and their families.

Develop ministries with college students, young adults, sages and singles of all ages that will transform their lives, vocations and communities.

PW provides ample opportunity for involvement at any level -- from volunteering for a few hours each year, to leading a weekly Bible study.  Through these opportunities women grow in their faith and in their commitment to serve God, and they generally continue to be active in PW and in other leadership positions in the church.

We encourage women at all life stages to get involved in one of the five weekly Bible studies and to attend the Inspiring Speakers events.

The ongoing programs of PW are open to all women (and men!) of the church.  PW provides many venues for using one's gifts and talents for the glory of God.


... through giving, as we are called to...

Equip the members of the congregation to identify, develop and use their spiritual gifts and talents in their vocations and as Christ's servants in the world.

Cultivate a spirit of gratitude and generosity so that through sacrificial giving of time, talent and treasure the church commits 50% of its financial resources to mission and benevolences.

Encourage the congregation to support the work of the Endowment to extend the outreach of Jesus Christ into our community and world.

The women of PW have chosen to volunteer their time and energy at Second as a way to glorify God and further His kingdom on earth.  The women use their varied gifts to organize events, volunteer together, and support local and worldwide missions.

Throughout the year, women donate, sort and organize goods for the bazaar and summer sale.  Proceeds from the sales (more than $80,000 in 2010) are donated directly to mission organizations serving in Indiana and around the world.


... through fellowship, as we are called to ...

Develop and strengthen small group ministries that address the needs and interests of the congregation and community.

Become an inviting congregation of bold hospitality to ensure all persons receive a warm welcome into our community of faith.

Expand the program of lay pastoral care to respond to the pastoral needs of the congregation.

The women of PW minister to each other through various small groups, including Monday Sew-ers, Monday Sorters, Bible study groups, Rehm Guild and the Coordinating Team.  The Monday Prayer Group graciously holds up our congregation in prayer.

Congregation-wide events such as the Inspiring Speakers Series and Women's Retreat extend the fellowship of PW to all members of our congregation and to guests outside of our church.

PW continues to be grounded in the Word and grounded in the world, working together to support growth, study and mission among the women of Second