Volunteer at Kenya Carnival.

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Next Kenya Carnival is March 1, 2014

March 1, 2-6 p.m.

Second Presbyterian Church, 7700 North Meridian Street

It costs $350 for one year of secondary school for a Kenyan student.  How many can you sponsor?

  • Join this Kid-led, Interfaith project to raise money for Kenyan children.
  • This year's goal is $35,000 to send 100 students to school.

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How your donation helps:

  • $5 will buy a month’s worth of lamp kerosene needed for studying.
  • $12 will buy the primary school uniform needed to attend school.
  • $12 will buy one year supply of feminine hygiene products that will allow a girl to attend school regularly.
  • $20 will buy a month’s suppply of maize and beans for the children.
  • $75 will buy a secondary school uniform and supplies.
  • $325 will provide tuition and expenses for a year.
  • $750 builds a semi permanent home for a family.

Kenya Carnival is a fundraiser of STEP UP (Student Education Program of Umoja Project) of Global Interfaith Partnership.  All proceeds go to pay educational expenses for students in western Kenya.  The Kenya Carnival brings dozens of faith-based congregations, organizations, and schools together to raise awareness and money for orphans and vulnerable children in Western Kenya as part of the Umoja Project.  For more information, contact us at kenyacarnival@gmail.com or check out our website at kenyacarnival.com